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  • 1. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

    Mobinergy - Gestion EMM

    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a challenge for all organizations. The increasing number of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, smart watches and others, as well as the tremendous evolution of mobile platforms can be a real headache for any organizations.

    Choosing an EMM solution is an opportunity to deliver and execute the right business mobility strategy.

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  • 2. Identity Management and Single Sign-on (SSO)

    Mobinergy - SSO

    How many passwords your users have for their enterprise applications? Are they secured? Stored centrally? Or just written on a post-it?

    SSO (Single Sign-On) is the best solution to cope with these identity issues. Deploying an identity management solution allows a single, simple, secured and transparent solution to all native, web and virtual applications.

    The Mobinergy team assemble specialists of Identity Management solutions such as VMWare Identity Manager, Microsoft ADFS, Okta.

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  • 3. Mobile transformation of the business tools and processes

    Mobinergy - Mobile applications transforming business

    Mobile apps have changed the way we live but also the way we work.

    These new user requirements in mobility, flexibility, efficiency and collaboration have pushed decision makers toward a digital transformation of the corporate tools and business processes.

    The evolution of IT as ITaaS (IT-as-a-Service) can bring real operational and financial improvements to your organization if done right.

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  • 4. On-Premise versus Cloud, where are we at?

    Mobinergy - Cloud Computing

    Migration from On-premise to Cloud infrastructure has become a necessity and most of the large organizations are already working on it. Beyond infrastructure cost saving, transitioning to the Cloud allow organizations to provide collaboration solutions, drastically reducing the use of consumer grade IT solutions or non-secured approved solutions used by employees (Shadow IT), while still controlling and securing all the corporate data.

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