• A team of senior experts at your disposal

  • Mobinergy and its team of digital architects are working exclusively with EMEA resellers, distributors and EMM partners.

    As full-time, contracts or trainers, Mobinergy is the A-team that allows major players in the EMM field to be successful with their clients throughout their mobility project.

    Mobinergy co-founders have for more than 5 years held various sales-engineering and sales leadership roles across EMEA at the leader in EMM solutions: AirWatch, bought by VMWare in 2014.

    Mobinergy’s DNA is in its tech team!

    Thibaut Bellon - Lead Engineer Mobinergy

    Thibaut Bellon

    Lead Engineer

    Thibaut has consulting running in his blood. He actually started his career doing exactly that in the Telco and networking industry before joining the Tech team at AirWatch back in 2012 to become the Sales-Engineer Team Manager for Southern-Europe then EMEA as a whole. He has spear-headed the majority of the AirWatch customers projects in this area for more than 4 years. He has a true passion for his work and put at the top of his agenda his customers satisfaction.

    Emil Novakov - Lead Engineer Mobinergy

    Emil Novakov

    Lead Engineer

    Emil has joined AirWatch HQ at Atlanta back in 2011 as a consultant before moving to the UK to build the Sales-Engineer team for Centrale-Europe. Over 5 years there, he has been involved in the majority, and often most challenging, of the large enterprise projects across Europe and Middle-East. Emil is passionate by technology and communication, he likes solving complexes technical problems and talking innovation during events and presentations.

    Yann Hermouet - EMM constultant Mobinergy

    Yann Hermouet

    EMM Consultant

    Yann has been a Sales-Engineer at Apple Europe for 8 years before joining AirWatch from 2013 to 2015, he is now head of Design at H2G Lab. Yann share his passion for the technology with a focus on user interaction to deliver the best experience to Mobinergy various customers.

    Damien Gosset - Mobility Architect Mobinergy

    Charles Hirel


    After 8 years spent with Apple, first within the Online Store team and then at the head of the Apple Consultants Network Channel, Charles joined Airwatch to manage its SEMEA sales from 2014 to 2016. In September 2016 he co-founded Mobinergy running its business development, partners and operations.

    Benoit Auffret & Mohammed Derouich

    Junior Mobility Consultants

    Benoit and Mohammed have recently joined the Mobinergy team to complete their block release program at ESTIAM as EMM Consultant. With a background in networking, Data-Base management and development, Benoit and Mohammed also loves to code and already have a few web and mobile apps under their belts.