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    The Google Chrome OS Adoption Game

    A fun interactive game that brings learning to life!

  • Google Chromebook Learning
    Suitable for Everyone

    Companies need to support their colleagues efficiently, when implementing a change to Google Chrome OS. From Home to Chrome is the new engaging, cost effective and time sensitive way to adopt change.

    A proven concept, taking a standard boring training approach and adding fun & education into the learning experience.
    Adoption gamification is simple, quick, and competitive.

    From Home to Chrome is the simple solution for quicker adoption of the Chromebook and guaranteed increased adoption.

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Adoption Training made simple for everyone. Many businesses are choosing to change to Chromebooks because they are secure, productive, fast, and collaborative.


Quicker Adoption of the Chromebook, data and analytics, cost & time effective
Cost & Time Effective – reduces the need of a change management team to help onboard colleagues to this feared change, From Home to Chrome reinforces messaging and knowledge throughout the game, so reduces the need for retraining.
Providing learning results with real time data and analytics. It helps target the individual needs and reduces unnecessary training for others.