CSAT - a cyber security assessment tool.
Improve your safety based on facts!

An unconscious click can have great consequences. Is your security effective?

Cyber-attacks cost businesses around the world more than $400 billion a year, and the trend is rising. That's why many companies are looking for a way to quickly and easily check their security status. Would you also like to have an overview of your potential vulnerabilities, based on data from the company's infrastructure and Office 365? The Computer Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) of QS solutions offers you this possibility through automated scans and analyses. Based on this, CSAT provides practical recommendations and a customised action plan to improve your security. It is the ideal way to maximise security and show that your company takes security seriously.

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Improve your safety based on facts.

  • Your roadmap for your cyber security.

    Get insight into your security status. The CSAT provides these insights through automated scans and analyses. This data provides the basis for you to define priorities and gives you the input you need for a roadmap to improve security.

  • Insights into the technology gap.

    Legal regulations such as the DSGVO regulations always affect both organisational processes and technology. CSAT shows which technological and procedural measures you can take to optimise your security.

  • Recommendations.

    CSAT identifies areas that need attention and recommends actions to be taken. Through regular assessments, you can proactively improve your safety.

How does the tool work?

CSAT is a software product developed by experienced security experts. It collects relevant security data from different sources in the hybrid IT environment. In addition to the endpoints (laptops/desktops/servers) in the network, the Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, SharePoint and Intune are also scanned. By using agents that delete themselves after the endpoint scan, the effort for the internal IT department is reduced to a minimum. CSAT runs on a server of the customer, so the collected data does not leave the company.
With CSAT, we create your cybersecurity roadmap in four steps.


  • Endpoint and network access testing
  • Installation of CSAT on a (virtual) machine
  • Configuration of CSAT scans

Data collection

  • Endpoint scanning
  • Scanning Active Directory and Azure Active Directory
  • Scanning of Office 365, SharePoint sites and Intune
  • Conducting interviews by means of questionnaires


  • Evaluate the data collected
  • Prioritising the recommendations into quick wins and longer-term actions
  • Creation of a risk- and fact-based action plan


  • Presentation and discussion of the results, conclusions and recommendations
  • Creation of a cybersecurity roadmap based on facts

Success story

Find out in our reference story how we successfully tackle and implement the topic of security with our partner Tech Data. With the Tech Data IT security approach, we were given a 360° security concept that supports us on our way to becoming security experts and consultants for our customers.

The endpoint scan showed us our gaps and fixed them.
The effort of our IT department was reduced to a minimum.

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