Apple in Business & Education

  • Put your Apple products in the best hands!

    iPhone, iPad, and Mac are simply amazing tools for business and at school.

    The Mobinergy team counts 5 proud ex-Apple employee (Trainer, Developper, Sales engineer) and are also members of the Apple Consultants Network, accrediting us as the perfect partner to help deploy and manage Apple products in your business.

    With certifications in Mac Management, Apple Training, AirWatch/Workspace One, JAMF and Munki, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

  • Manage your devices out of the box

    If you need help choosing, deploying or managing iOS or MacOS devices, we can support your journey from the beginning, setting up the Apple Business Manager including Device Enrolment Program (DEP), helping you purchase and deploy apps through the Volume Purshased Program (VPP), manage your devices out of the box using our mobility platform, and create your own Mac Enterprise App store with Munki.

  • macOS and Windows altogether

    One infrastructure for all!

    From a few to a few thousands, we have been helping our customer manage Macs and ensuring a perfect integration alongside fleet of PCs all enrolled in a single instance to manage both devices and services.

  • Apple in Education

    Mobinergy has helped schools, city councils and local governments designing and executing their devices and service management strategy.

    The best example is the implementation of iPads at School with Apple School Manager.

    As a teacher you manage your classes, your contents, the apps running, the devices work out-of-the-box.

    We can help you make school homework great again!

  • What Apple services can I get?

    • Choosing the right solution and strategy

    • Deploying Workspace One for your Mac and iOS devices

    • Configuring the Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP) and Volume Purshased Program (VPP)

    • Configuring Apple School Manager

    • Create Managed App Catalog for Macs

    • Learning how to use , manage and administrate your devices and services

    • Developing macOS and iOS native apps