Security for the post-perimeter era

  • Lookout ensures that end devices become trustworthy again thanks to consistent data access based on risk analyzes - without relying on conventional network security. Lookout ensures security beyond network boundaries, even in the event of phishing threats, by providing continuous access to company resources. Access is only granted if the risk is acceptable and the device meets all guidelines.

This is how you secure your data beyond the network boundaries

The network boundaries are blurring. Employees all over the world use their devices to access corporate data in cloud services that are beyond the reach of conventional security mechanisms. If companies want to protect their data in a world in which the network boundaries are increasingly blurring, they have to shift critical security functions to the end user devices and, based on the existing risk, set up continuous access to the data.

Phishing and content protection

Nip threats in the bud

  • Protect your users from new and emerging phishing attacks beyond the limits of your existing perimeter protection solutions. Lookout checks all outgoing connections on one device and blocks access to prepared links in business and private emails, SMS, text messages and other installed apps. Now available to our Mobile Endpoint Security customers

    • Real-time protection against risky content
    • Block prepared URLs so that the user's access data is not tapped
    • Protection against attackers' access to corporate infrastructure and data

App Defense

Solution for securing consumer apps

Lookout App Defense leverages the power of the Lookout Security Cloud to provide the most secure and easy-to-implement solution to protect individuals and businesses from data breaches during mobile app transactions.

  • Proactively protect customer data with instant, risk-based authentication
  • Get comprehensive protection against threats - without an app update
  • Use a mature solution that is already in use on more than 170 million devices worldwide

Mobile Endpoint Security

Solutions for your mobile employees

With comprehensive and continuous risk assessment for iOS and Android devices, to protect against app-, device- and network-based threats. Lookout Continuous Conditional Access provides continuous insight into the health, identity, and context of a device. With the ongoing risk assessments, Lookout actively protects connected end devices and automatically blocks access as soon as a risk is identified.

  • Continuous risk assessment for mobile devices
  • Extension of end device security guidelines to mobile devices
  • Seamlessly compatible with SIEM, EMM, IDP and secure containers