• Okta and IAM market

    By 2022, identity and access management as a service (IDaaS) will be the chosen delivery model for more than 80% of new access management purchases globally, up from 50% today.
    In addition, Access management products and services have matured in single sign-on protocols and user authentication, and technical differentiators include adaptive access capabilities, as well as ease and breadth of target system enablement.
    For the second year in a row, Okta was named a Leader in IAM Market by Gartner

Okta and VMware Workspace One

the best-of-breed of mobile management made possible by two leading solutions

Take the leader in EMM and the leader in IAM, combine their products and you get the best Digital Workpace strategy for all your use cases, users, devices and applications.

Okta is the leader of IAM and provides integration with more than 5000 applications, WSONE Manages any kind of devices and can provide conditional access to your applications for devices based on device posture and device compliance.

The strength of this integration gives organisations the ability to take full advantage of the best capabilities offered by both products.

At Mobinergy, our consultants are certified in both Okta and VMWare WSONE. That unique expertise allows us to better design our customers Digital Workspace Strategy and give them all the tools and technologies they need to do their most significant work.

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