• VMware Workspace ONE

    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a challenge for every organisation. The increasing number of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, smart watches and others, as well as the tremendous evolution of mobile platforms can be a real headache for every IT department.

    Choosing an UEM/EMM solution is an opportunity to deliver and execute the right business mobility strategy.

    Helping our customers with deploying, securing, managing and deploying Software on their mobile and Windows 10 fleet is in our DNA.

  • Okta

    Modernise IT, build customer experiences and secure access to SaaS and On-Premise application within the same organisation with the best-of-breed Identity Management solution Okta.

    Too many logins, lost passwords and challenges with user provisioning in various web and native applications? Okta will revolutionise the way you manage and secure your user identities, deploy SSO across applications and and get you insights into which applications are really crucial for your business.

  • Appdome

    Making mobile Apps Enterprise ready, secure and friendly has been a challenge for years. The Appdome platform makes mobile Integration in your business super easy. Fuse any EMM SDK ( Blackberry Dynamics, VMware Airwatch, IBM MaaS360, MobileIron, Microsoft Intune) into your internal or public business App in minutes and get remote configuration, DLP and App tunneling to your employees without any code. With Appdome, organizations don't need to code or wrap apps to add EMM or MAM to internally developed and 3rd party apps.